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Events from 2010…..

You may have noticed that it has been very cold recently ! We thought it would be worth a mention on the site due to the severity and persistence of this cold spell.
We all had a white Christmas in the end.
During the nights of the 6th and 7th December the temperature dropped to -14 degrees C. For several days in a row the temperature didn’t even get above freezing.
We all witnessed the large amounts of snow that fell, easily a couple of feet.
We got some pictures from a Gunness resident, Irene McWeeney, of the River Trent with ice floating in it. A very rare sight we are told.

Irene sent the pictures to us so we have put together a gallery of hers and some other pictures. If you have any photos of the Snow and cold weather then drop us
as line through the Contact Us page and we will give you details of how to send them to us. Also any stories you may have of any other
weather incidents would be very helpful.

To see the pictures click on the button below.